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Hey everyone i'm Corbin and I think i'm just a little hung up on 沖縄.

libra, love those who always loved you.

scorpio, you hold brilliance.

sagittarius, pick up the phone.

capricorn, kiss the cities you dreamt of.

aquarius, self-care is not frivolous.

pisces, pay attention to the vibes you bring.

aries, appreciate every wrong turn.

taurus, be spectacular.

gemini, your work is crucial.

cancer, stay this humble.

leo, take the blame if it is yours.

virgo, you are a goddess.   "
OCTOBER HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (via blythebrooklyn)

(via hatelyn)

the only thing im looking forward to this weekend is my little cousin’s rollerskating party this saturday


Smash bros for 3ds.. American Horror Story.. and Legend of Korra all happening within the next week

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